Friday, 17 June 2011

All change at icklebits...

As you may have seen this weeks newsletter is considerably shorter than ever before! The reason for this? I took a break last week from icklebits.

At present we're going through a house sale and I'm also expanding icklebits. This means I'm building a new site which will be dedicated to all crafts, not just miniatures.
Also due to lack of alone time I can no longer make miniatures as you know. I had hoped to make paper plates again but in the months since saying it, I've found it impossible to start. However, due to us moving I need to start earning money!

To do this, I've started importing beads and jewellery making supplies. It is a quicker and easier way to make money than making time consuming miniatures. When I move I shall have a proper office (yay at last!) and when Charlotte turns 3 later this year she will be off to nursery for a few hours a day. I will also be selling any remainder of my miniatures stock (including odd bags of plates!).

This means of course that tutorial hunting for icklebits miniatures website will have to take a back seat for a while. Especially when we physically move house next month! To be honest, I'm making myself ill trying to juggle being a mum, housewife, running icklebits, designing new site, pricing and photographing beads and also moving house...

The tutorial-hunting internet time needs to be reserved for building the shop I'm afraid. I shall still update photos for your galleries, open new blogs and galleries, answer questions, newsletters etc. The only thing that will change is no more new tutorial updates. I won't be writing many new articles myself (any you submit will be published), updating events or finding lots of new tutorials (you have nearly a 1000 to keep you going!)

However, I made a promise to one of our members that I would find some tutorials on making dolls house miniature jewellery so I shall do that over the next week.

Once the new shop is up and running then I will be back to tutorial hunting....I'm just not sure when that will be.

I've set up a gallery of products so far. There are nearly 250. These will be for sale in an online shop as soon as the new site is built.
To view the gallery click here.
To be notified the second the shop and new site goes live, please click here and then "Subscriptions". Then choose "Beads" (please make sure you are logged in first)

This has been a big decision that I've agonised over and I'm really, really sorry to let you all down. I truly hope you understand. Frown

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