Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tutorial Challenge Results #1 - Furniture (34 tutorials)

The first challenge for tutorials was set by Terry and it was for Furniture.

Well I found 34 tutorials, 1 pattern, 3 tips and techniques, 25 books and 9 articles!

Here are the tutorials:

Bedroom Furniture:
  1. Mission Style Bed
  2. Mission Style Night Table
  3. Mission Style Chest of Drawers
  4. Mission Style Side Table and Chair
  5. Dolls Bed
  6. Make a Doll Bed For A Range of Dollhouse Doll Sizes and Dolls House Scales
  7. Make A Dolls House Scale Night, Bedside or End Table With Shelves or Drawers
  8. Make a Basic Cupboard or Armoire With Opening Doors For A Dolls House
  9. Make a Dolls House Bed From Wooden Stir Sticks
  10. 3 Drawer Chest
Kitchen Furniture:
  1. Kitchen Wall Cabinet
Bathroom Furniture:
  1. Vanity
  1. Chair
  2. Couch Made With Polymer Clay
  3. Simple Bench
  4. Louis XVI Chair
  5. Rustic Twig Doll's House Cabin Chair
  6. Make Dollhouse Kitchen or Dining Chairs From Wood
  7. Chair With Cover
  8. Wicker Chair
  9. Reupholster A Wing Chair
  10. **VIDEO** Chair
  1. Adirondack Rustic Dollhouse Furniture
  2. Make Dollhouse and Scale Model Tables With Basic Techniques and Simple Tools
  3. Valentine Table
  4. Craft Table
  5. **VIDEO** Table
Miscellaneous Furniture:
  1. Folding Screen
  2. Another Folding Screen
  3. Make a Dolls House Bookcase With Dado Joints
  4. Build a Model Horse Tack Trunk Or Simple Wooden Chest in Dolls House Scale
  5. Make Hanging Pegs and a Shelf From Craft or Scrap Wood in Dollhouse Scales
  6. Working With Michaels Hutches
  7. Mission Style Furniture
To view the books, articles, patterns etc please click here to view the entire article.

Next week:

Challenge 2 = Contents for a hat shop. Challenge set by Verity:
"I am busy with a hat shop and other goodies that would be sold in a shop like this. Lets see what you can do!
PS I really love icklebits thank you so much for this wonderful site
." - Aw, thanks Verity!

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