Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Easter projects and inspiration in miniature

Where on earth have the days gone this week??

I'm off to hospital tomorrow for an op and am hoping to be up and about again by the weekend. Here's a few things to keep you going though...

  1. Easter Peddlers Cart


This is where we share with you some projects we've found on the internet that will inspire and amaze you!
  • The Easter Bunnies house - so that's where he lives!
  • Easter Table by Wanna in El Paso
  • Easter Table
  • Easter Food - great selection of easter foods, all in one blog
  • Various Easter Projects
  • Easter Tea Party
  • More Easter Projects
  • Colouring Easter Eggs - At first I thought this was full scale! How realistic!
  • Dyeing Easter Eggs - Yet another realistic scene. Very inspiring.
  • Easter Eggs - If you need inspiration then this page will certainly provide that!

Whilst I think about it. Don't forget to check out our Easter article. There are new tutorials in it, inspiration for your own ideas and even some shopping ideas if you would rather not make them yourself!

Now I do have some more stuff to add to the Easter article and will keep updating it next week.

See you soon!

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